The National Partnership is pleased to announce its podcast series that is produced/published in collaboration with The Produce Moms.  The series will include several episodes (launching weekly in May and June, 2021) to share the work of the National Partnership to Recruit, Prepare, and Support FCS Educators.   

Session 1 (Episode 155): Introducing FCS Education

Session 2: (Episode 158): Uncovering the National Teacher Shortage

Session 3: (Episode 160): Celebrating Students Entering FCS


Session 4 (Episode 162): Preparing & Supporting our Future FCS Educators


Session 5 (Episode 165): A Profession that Touches on Every Aspect of Life


Session 6 (Episode 167): Family & Consumer Sciences Recruitment in Action

Session 7 (Episode 169): Supporting Current & Future FCS Educators through Research & Curriculum