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State Action Teams 

Monthly Newsletter:

A newsletter will be distributed to all State Action Team members each month.  Please check your spam/junk folders if you are not receiving the newsletter or contact us via email at or 

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Evaluation (Data and Tracking Form):

State Action Teams are asked to collect and report data/details regarding the activities, events, meetings, and projects that were planned/facilitated to recruit, prepare, and support FCS Educators.  Please submit a separate form for each project, event, or activity.  

Evaluation:  Data and Tracking Form

Training Webinar:

Did you sign up to participate in the State Action Team?  Are you interested in learning more about the teams?  View this webinar to learn more about the role of the State Action Team in the "National Partnership to Recruit, Prepare, and Support FCS Educators."  The training outlines the membership of the team and the expectations and timeline for their work.  


State Team Planning Guide

How can you help recruit, prepare, and support Family and Consumer Sciences Educators? Let’s create a plan using the FCCLA Planning Process!

Click here for Planning Guide!

Join Say Yes to FCS State Action Teams

We need YOU! This work will need a focused group of leaders in every state to secure success.  We would like to invite you to join your State Action Team to help us move the Say Yes to FCS effort forward. State Action Teams will work to create state plans for recruiting FCS Educators and supporting FCS programs.

Please join your state’s State Action Team by completing the form found in the link below to help us gauge your interest.  We will then reach out to you to connect you to the other interested individuals in your state and ask your state team to select a leader (or two) and we will provide you with more information.


Link to Survey: 


If you have any questions please contact or


State Action Teams Description:

State Action Teams will be made up of Family and Consumer Sciences individuals, stake holders, and advocates. Each state will have at least one person serving in a leadership role as the project chair for their state. State Action Teams will work to create state plans for recruiting FCS Educators and supporting FCS programs.

National Action Team Meeting Description:

Members of State Action Teams, FCS students, and interested parties are encouraged to attend National Action Team meetings and events taking place though-out the United States at National FCS/FCCLA events. These meetings will be a valuable opportunity for State Action Teams to report on their successes, identify new interests, and gain ideas and motivation.


Thank you for all you do for the field of Family and Consumer Sciences!