PSA Contest 2023

PSA Contest 2023: Why FCS?

Family and consumer sciences (FCS) programs are found across the U.S. in middle school, secondary and post-secondary education, and within the Cooperative Extension system. These FCS programs provide access and education to youth and adults in topics like personal development, career preparation skills, nutrition and wellness, healthy food preparation, child and family development, environmental design, consumer decision making, and personal finance. Promoting the value and visibility of these programs is critical to their continued success!  Additionally, programs across the country have identified a shortage of qualified educators to lead these programs.

To promote the value of Family and Consumer Sciences programs and to address the critical need for FCS educators, the National Partnership to Recruit, Prepare, and Support FCS Educators, facilitated by the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Association (FCSEA), hosted a Public Service Announcement (PSA) and Digital Poster contest.

The purpose of the contest was to create an original video or digital poster to deliver information about the impact of family and consumer sciences education for individuals, schools and/or communities. The contest was open to FCS students (middle, secondary, post-secondary or graduate level) and FCS professionals. 
Participants chose one or more of the following topics to create a 30 to 45-second public service announcement or digital poster:  

  1. Topic:  Why Say Yes: Why take FCS classes?
  2. Topic:  Personal Impact: How has FCS impacted your life?
  3. Topic: School/Community Impact: How does FCS make a difference in your school and/or community?
  4. Topic:  Why Extension - Why support FCS Extension programs?

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The winners of the 2023 Video PSA and Digital Poster contests are listed below.

You can view the 2022 Video PSA and Digital Poster winning entries HERE!

Congratulations to the 2023 Video PSA Contest Winners! 

1st Place Video

"The Impact of FCS Education"
Angela Caceres (FCS Professional)

2nd Place Video

"FCS:  Personal Impact"
Grant Hubley (FCS Student)

3rd Place Video

"Just Say YES to FCS"
Makayla Simpson (FCS Student)

Congratulations to the 2023 Poster Contest Winners! 

1st Place Poster

"Why FCS?" 
Cody Mooneyhan

2nd Place Poster

"Why Take FCS Classes" 
Megan Saunders
North Dakota

3rd Place Poster

"Why Take FCS Classes" 
Sydney Stephens