PSA Contest for 2022

PSA Contest: Why Teach FCS?

On FCS Educator Day, FCS students, educators, and professionals across the country conduct a variety of events and carry out initiatives to celebrate and showcase the value and importance of family and consumer sciences education and its educators. Family & Consumer Sciences Educator Day is one way to pay tribute to the positive impact that family and consumer sciences educators have on individuals, families, and communities every day.  Family and consumer sciences educators work in middle school, secondary and post-secondary education, and within the Cooperative Extension system. Their work provides access and education to youth and adults in topics like personal development, career preparation skills, nutrition and wellness, healthy food preparation, child and family development, environmental design, consumer decision making, and personal finance. While these programs are strong, all have identified a current and potentially more severe future shortage of qualified educators to meet their needs. Those who are pursuing an education degree may want to consider choosing family and consumer sciences.

To address this need, The National Partnership hosted a Public Service Announcement (PSA) and Digital Poster contest. This was a contest to create an original video or digital poster to deliver information about the impact of family and consumer sciences education for individuals, schools and/or communities. The contest was open to FCS students (middle, secondary, post-secondary or graduate level) and FCS professionals. Participants did not have to be affiliated with FCCLA to enter the contest.

Participants could choose one or more of the following topics to create a 30 to 45-second public service announcement or digital poster. Participants should use resources and information from to create their PSA or poster.

  1. Why Say Yes: Why “Say Yes to FCS” to become an FCS Educator?
  2. Personal Impact: How has FCS impacted your life?
  3. School/Community Impact: How does FCS make a difference in your school and/or community?

Contest Overview

Special thanks to the sponsor of our contest prizes:


1st Place Poster

"Say Yes to FCS" 
Casey Humphrey

2nd Place Poster

"Why Say Yes to FCS" 
Emerson Burroughs

3rd Place Poster

"Say YES to Life's Game of FCS" 
Sienna Hastings

1st Place Video

"How FCS Impacts Our Community"
Jennifer Rowe

2nd Place Video

"Say YES to FCS"
Paige Lyness

3rd Place Video

Brianna Phillips