Did you know there is a documented shortage of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) educators across the nation? To address the shortage, an innovative and collaborative approach to recruit, prepare, and support FCS educators is critically important!



Educators for exciting career opportunities in FCS secondary, post-secondary, and Extension programs 



Educators with essential knowledge and skills through high-quality preparation programs



Educators with professional development opportunities and effective instructional resources

This website is provided by the National Partnership to Recruit, Prepare, and Support FCS Educators, with funding from a USDA-NIFA Higher Education Challenge Grant.

The grant management team for the National Partnership to Recruit, Prepare, and Support FCS Educators endorses the following
IFHE-US Equity & Diversity Statement.


IFHE-US values diversity, inclusiveness, sensitivity, and accessibility.
We promote respect, dignity, and equality for all global 
individuals and families.
We are committed to human well-being through education, health, safety, and sustainable living. 
As we act with integrity, respect, intercultural values, and ethics, we empower and improve daily life for all.