Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

Have a video promoting Family and Consumer Sciences Education that you'd like to share?  Email the YouTube link to us.

FCS Education: Iowa State (2019)

FCS Education Uber Speech:
Keaton (Purdue University) - 2019

My FCS Story: Ashley (Texas Tech) 2019

Say Yes to FCS Education:  WSU (2019)

Turning Points (Say Yes to FCS): 
Jennifer (Texas Tech) 2019

FCS Elevator Speech:
Kevin (Purdue University) 2019

Choosing FCS:  Kaylin (Texas Tech) 2019

Change the World with FCS:
Katherine (Texas Tech) 2019

Extension Opportunities: Anne (Kansas State) 2018

FCS - Make the World Better Place:
Madeline (Texas Tech) 2019

Non-Traditional Opportunities:
Kyle (Texas Tech) 2018

Say Yes to FCS:  Deon (Purdue University) 2018

FCS Leadership Opportunities: Garrett (WA) 2018

Say Yes to FCS:  Molly (Purdue University) 2018

Male Involvement in FCS: Kyle (Texas Tech) 2018

Say Yes to FCS:  Rachel (Purdue University) 2018

60 Second Promo (Producer/Published by:  NASAFACS) 2017

4 Minute - Extended Promo (Producer/Published by:  NASAFACS) 2017