Open Access Webinars - Transformational Play

Transformational Play:  Motivating Students through Game-Based Learning & Gamification

Webinar Description:

Learning is a participatory process and as FCS educators, we have the opportunity to transform learning for our students.  Join Dr. Katy Blatnick-Gagne as she discusses ways to transform your classroom through game-based learning and gamification.  During this webinar, she will share up-to-date resources, a game evaluation tool, and research to help you get started.  


  • Discuss why students can be motivated by games
  • Distinguish between game-based learning and gamification
  • Evaluate current game-based learning and gamification tools

About the Presenter(s)

Dr. Katy Blatnick-Gagné joined the faculty and staff in the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University in March 2017 as the Director for The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS).  She has over 19 years of education experiences as a high school FCS teacher, FCS Program Director with the Colorado Community College System and as an Emergency Preparedness Trainer in Southwest Colorado.  She has held multiple executive board positions in FCS and Career and Technical Education related professional organizations. 

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