Open Access Webinars - Globally Competent Classroom

Creating a Family and Consumer Sciences Globally-Competent Classroom

Webinar Description:

To take advantage of global market opportunities, companies must hire workers with global competence. Globally-minded FCS programs can provide the rigorous and authentic setting necessary to prepare students for the competitive world economy, while offering a more engaging, motivating, and relevant education experience.  This session will demonstrate how to implement various globally-competent education activities and resources designed to help FCS educators integrate global competence into their curriculum. The resources include: sample projects ready to be used in FCS classrooms, global career planning resources, workforce readiness rubrics, crosswalks of global education and FCS standards, and more.

After the session, attendees will be able to:
  1. Define global competence and its importance to FCS and students’ global careers.
  2. Explain strategies to build global competencies into FCS instruction.
  3. Describe workforce readiness skills related to global competence.
  4. Assess project management skills in developing global projects with students in other countries. 
View this webinar to gain access to a new online CTE Global Toolkit that can be utilized in creating globally-competent FCS classroom activities and to receive classroom ideas and lessons for implementing global competencies into the FCS curriculum.

Webinar Presenter

Cindy Miller, PhD, CFCS, CPFFE 

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