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What Can YOU do to Promote and Publicize FCS Education?

About the Session

The National Partnership is launching NEW digital products designed to promote and publicize FCS Education. The products will be "unveiled" and shown during this event. Following the event, the digital resources will be posted on the grant website (

In today’s educational environment, if you can communicate well, you are unstoppable. However, too many educators fail to understand that communication must be planned. As a result, their message is confusing and ultimately, ignored.  Great communication is planned. This session will reveal a framework that helps you plan and clarify your communication. We will then show you how we used this same framework to develop the FCS Education Marketing Playbook and ready-to-use files inside it.

Knowing how it was developed will help you use those words in an effective communication campaign AND iterate on the themes to address your specific audiences. You’ll learn to write and communicate so that others will understand and respond to whatever story you are inviting them into.

About the Presenter

Whitney Hahn is the Insight Instigator at #provokebetter, a strategic communications firm that has produced the new grant marketing products.  Whitney’s insights on marketing, leadership and hanging on for dear life have been featured in two books, and dozens of podcasts and business events.  Whitney serves on the Advisory Board for, is an advisor for technology incubator startup companies, and is an advisory council member for Leadership Frederick County.   She holds a Master of Science degree in Management and Leadership, is a StoryBrand Certified Guide and was part of the very first cohort of Certified Storybrand Coaches.

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