Open Access Webinars-Baking Builds FCS STEAM

Baking Builds FCS STEAM

Webinar Description:

Baking in school is science, test-kitchen engineering, art and math.  Receive reliably researched baking-specific culinary or foods lab resources and methods to develop your test-kitchen skills and reputation.  FCCLA or 4-H service projects and community fund-raising are secondary benefits to the best practices highlighted in this webinar.  Family and consumer sciences (FCS) courses can boost their STEM + Art (STEAM) methods and best practices with the resources provided by the non-profit Home Baking Association.  FCCLA connections for service learning and fund raising with Smart Snack or specialty baked goods created by the students as the school or community “test kitchen” will be outlined and resources or on-line links provided. 

In this webinar, attendees will:

  • Discuss six baking-specific Food Safety methods and resources to incorporate in foods labs.

  • Evaluate eight baking ingredient substitutions and baking methods to meet Smart Snack in-school bake sale requirements or to develop whole grain, reduced sugar, saturated fat and sugar products.

  • Receive three accurate baking measurement and labeling best practices for market-ready products.

  • Review five reliably researched baking ingredient references or resources for field-to-table baking culinary and foods labs.

  • Evaluate 3-5 consumer evaluation and baking lab teaching resources for school, home, career and community service.

Webinar Presenters:

Charlene Patton, Executive Director, and Sharon Davis, Program Director
Home Baking Association

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