Contact Information:

Mississippi Department of Education
P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205-0771
Educator Licensure Related Information: 601-359-3483
General MDE Related Information: 601-359-3513

Certification Types:  


"Please review the Career and Technical Education Guidelines for the specific requirements assigned to each CTE endorsement."

Alternative Certification:

Alternate Route

“The Alternate Route is for teachers with a non-teacher education bachelor degree from an accredited college/university. Currently there are four methods to obtaining certification through the Alternate Route.”

Teacher Prep Program/Courses:

FCS Specific Requirements

FCS Education Programs:

Mississippi State University


Reciprocity Information
“Reciprocity is granted to applicants who possesses a valid standard license from another state in an area in which Mississippi issues an endorsement and meets Mississippi’s minimum licensure requirements or equivalent.”

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